From extensive research in the space, we have found that drug developers are looking for cell line and model providers, instrument providers offering high-resolution analytical tools and innovative software to aid their cell-based assay development and ensure 21CFR compliance

If you provide relevant services or technologies that would benefit our niche, industry-focused audience, now is the time to secure new business and form connections with top biopharma companies seeking solutions to their potency assay bottlenecks in order to progress their products to market.

Get in touch now to discover how the 2nd Gene Therapy Potency Assay Summit can help your company win new business, develop relevant collaborations, and ensure critical industry connections for 2024 and beyond

Experts Need Your Help With:

Partner CROs to help with assay selection and validation

Cell Line/Model selection to better replicate environments in vivo

Automation and platform assay solutions to improve sample throughput analysis and efficiency

Novel instrumentation to better link vector biophysical properties, including PTMs, to product potency

And more!

Why Partner?

Meet Industry-Relevant Senior Decision Makers: This meeting will unite 100+ analytical, bioassay, QC, regulatory, and CMC experts creating a niche environment to network directly with scientists and strategists in the space

Gain Brand Visibility by Showcasing your Solutions: Demonstrate your services to a niche, focused group of analytical experts from the leading companies in the gene therapy field, including Sarepta Therapeutics, Sanofi, Ultragenyx, Vertex, J & J, and many others

Learn About Emerging Cell/non-Cell-Based Assay Approaches: Hear from innovative drug developers to uncover market trends and glean critical insights into the future direction of the potency industry

Who Will You Meet?

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