To What Extent Can Emerging Cell-Based Assay Techniques Facilitate Potency Assessment?

Time: 1:05 pm
day: Pre-conf day - Stream A


Emerging cell-based assay techniques are playing a critical role in advancing potency assessment. This session will delve into the potential and practicalities of integrating cutting-edge methodologies to redefine the landscape of potency assessment.

Attend to Discuss:

  • Outlines of examples of innovative cell-based assay platforms including alphaLISA and highthroughput techniques
  • Discussing the benefits and potentials of these technologies in improving assay specificity, sensitivity, and reproducibility to determine relevance
  • Dissecting case studies and success stories demonstrating the integration of emerging cell-based assay techniques in potency assessment
  • Understanding the practical considerations for implementing and validating new assays
  • Highlighting and potential deficits of new technologies compared to traditional techniques to understand limitations