Parallel Line Analysis – How Can we Use it to Establish Relative Potency?

Time: 9:05 am
day: Pre-conf day - Stream A


This interactive workshop delves into the critical aspect of determining relative potency in gene therapy potency assays. Relative potency assessment involves comparing the potency of a sample against a reference standard, crucial for ensuring the efficacy and safety of gene therapy products. The session aims to evaluate the different methods of analyzing dose-response curves and establishing parallelisms to develop a comprehensive understanding of relative potency determination.

Attend to Discuss:

  • Introduction to relative potency: understanding the significance of relative potency in gene therapy and its role in ensuring product efficacy and safety
  • Discussing the relevance of the four parameters in dose-response curves
  • Unpicking the requirements for demonstrating parallelism between the dose-response of your reference standard and test sample
  • Demonstrating the utilization of software for four-parameter fits and exploring different statistical methodologies to establish comparability between sample and reference standards
  • Brainstorming how to generate reproducible dose-response curves to supply a sufficient linear range
  • Case studies and practical applications: analyzing sample dose-response curves and discussing example scenarios