Susan Rutberg

Susan Rutberg

Company: Sanofi

Job title: Director - Bioassays & Molecular Biology


ROUNDTABLE: Discussing the Influence of Post-Translation Modifications & Other Manufacturing Considerations on Gene Therapy Vector Potency to Better Define Relevant CQAs 3:00 pm

Roundtable discussions include a larger focus on group discussion. A moderator will introduce the session topic and attendees then split into groups to discuss a series of predetermined agenda points. At the end, all groups report back on their discussions, and findings are collated. This roundtable will cover: Understanding how post-translational modifications and other manufacturing…Read more

day: Day 1

Parallel Line Analysis – How Can we Use it to Establish Relative Potency? 9:05 am

This interactive workshop delves into the critical aspect of determining relative potency in gene therapy potency assays. Relative potency assessment involves comparing the potency of a sample against a reference standard, crucial for ensuring the efficacy and safety of gene therapy products. The session aims to evaluate the different methods of analyzing dose-response curves and…Read more

day: Pre-conf day - Stream A

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